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  • White wiper rags being used to clean paint spraying equipment

    Recycled, all white, knit t-shirts are excellent all-purpose wiping, cleaning and polishing cloths.

  • Universal sorbent sock absorbs spilled paint

    The Painter's Spill Kit absorbs all oil- and water-based paints and liquids.

  • Oil-only sorbent pads

    Oil-only sorbents absorb all oil-based fluids, such as motor oil and hydraulic/transmission fluid.

  • Hooded coveralls while painting

    Hooded disposable coveralls protect against liquids, sprays, powders and dust.

  • Diaper cloths

    Marine Diaper Cloths are super soft and pre-washed for absorbency. Ideal for polishing.

  • Universal Spill Kit

    Spill kits are conveniently bundled in varying sizes, oil-only and universal.

  • Reclaimed Colored Tees

    Colored knit t-shirt material. Well-priced rag suitable for almost all rag needs.

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For over 80 years, Buffalo Industries has been producing quality recycled and new Rags and Wipers. We also offer an extensive line of Cleaning Cloths and Towels, Sundries, Protective Clothing, Sorbents and Spill Kits.

Rags and Wipers (Cut, unhemmed fabric pieces.)

Buffalo-Color-XLColor-LOWith nearly 20 different fabric types, we have the wiper for your every need, including recycled and new cloth rags, both white and colored.

Cloths and Towels (Finished, hemmed goods.)

In the cleaning and maintenance field, there are needs for a broad range of cleaning cloths, with various fiber types. Buffalo offers an extensive line of manufactured, fully-hemmed textiles including microfiber, cotton terry, industrial strength shop, soft flannel, diaper and polishing cloths and towels. They are ideal for industrial, marine, automotive, jan/san and household use.


Essential cleaning and maintenance products, Buffalo’s Sundries include Applicator Pads, Cheese Cloth, Combo Sponges, Moving/Utility Pads, Tack Cloths and Wash Mitts.

Protective Clothing

BF-hooded-disposable-coverall-while-paintingBuffalo has a full range of head-to-toe protective apparel in different kinds of material and levels of coverage. We offer disposable Microporous Coveralls, SMS Coveralls and Polypro Coveralls, plus spray socks, shoe and boot covers, sleeves and hoods. We also offer Used Coveralls as seen in industrial applications and garages.

Sorbents and Spill Kits

Buffalo is able to respond to the demand for sorbent products: pads, rolls, booms, socks, drum top pads, sweeps and all-in-one spill kits. Oil-only sorbents absorb oil-based fluids such as motor oil and hydraulic/transmission fluid. They will NOT absorb water or water-based fluids. Universal sorbents absorb all water-based and oil-based fluids.

Industries Served

BF-marine-diaper-clothThe products offered by Buffalo answer the particular needs of many different industries, including Paint, Industrial, MRO Supply and Marine.