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Spill Kit Instructions

Always Properly Use and Dispose of Sorbents

So that you are better prepared to use and dispose of sorbent pads, booms, socks, sweeps and granules, we are providing this two-page overview. (You may click on each page to view it larger, or you may CLICK HERE to view the PDF file.)

Always clean up spills according to Local, State and Federal regulations.



Fast Facts About Sorbents

  • Oil-Only: (WHITE) Absorb oil-based fluids such as motor oil and hydraulic/transmission fluid. Won’t absorb water.
  • Universal: (GRAY) Absorb all oil- and water-based fluids, including paint, solvents, and acids.
  • Hazmat: (YELLOW) Universal, absorb all oil- and water-based fluids of aggressive, caustic and unknown chemicals. Bright yellow indicates ˝caution˝.
  • Pads: Economical, easy to apply and pick up after spills.
  • Rolls: Best for large spills and high traffic areas.
  • Booms & Socks: For spill containment on water and land, or around drains and equipment.
  • Meltblown: Random-direction strands without lamination or bonding. Most economical sorbent.
  • Lamination: Produces a no-lint sorbent, best used on rough and/or irregular surfaces.
  • Sonic Bonding: Spot-bonded layers for strength, durability.
  • Fine Fiber: Near no-lint and very absorbent.