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Sorbents and Spill Kits

Sorbents for All Oil-based and Water-based Fluids

Buffalo is able to respond to your every need for sorbent products:
pads, rolls, booms, socks, drum top pads, sweeps and all-in-one spill kits.


Fast Facts About Sorbents

  • Oil-Only: (WHITE) Absorb oil-based fluids such as motor oil and hydraulic/transmission fluid. Won’t absorb water.
  • Universal: (GRAY) Absorb all oil- and water-based fluids, including paint, solvents, and acids.
  • Hazmat: (YELLOW) Universal, absorb all oil- and water-based fluids of aggressive, caustic and unknown chemicals. Bright yellow indicates ˝caution˝.
  • Pads: Economical, easy to apply and pick up after spills.
  • Rolls: Best for large spills and high traffic areas.
  • Booms & Socks: For spill containment on water and land, or around drains and equipment.
  • Meltblown: Random-direction strands without lamination or bonding. Most economical sorbent.
  • Lamination: Produces a no-lint sorbent, best used on rough and/or irregular surfaces.
  • Sonic Bonding: Spot-bonded layers for strength, durability.
  • Fine Fiber: Near no-lint and very absorbent.

65 Gallon Oil-Only Spill Kit

CLICK HERE to view the Spill Kit Instructions.