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Guide to Rag Types

New and Reclaimed, White and Colored Cloth Rags

There is an ideal rag for every task.

Rags are available in a variety of weights and fabric types, in both recycled/reclaimed and new materials. The variety we offer answers your needs for degree of absorbency, softness, durability and color-fastness. Browse the rags below, a sampling of our offerings, and get in touch with us if you have any questions. We’ll be glad to guide you to the right rag for the task at hand.

We are a proud member of the SMART Association (Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles), the association of wiping materials, used clothing and fiber industries since 1932. From the SMART Website: “All forms of textiles can be recycled. The EPA estimates that the average person throws away 10 lbs. of clothing per year. That adds up to 2.5 billion pounds of unnecessary waste added to our landfills.”

Approximately 3 pounds of CO2 and 1400 gallons of water are saved for every pound of clothing that is spared from disposal.

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The following is an informative video about cloth rags and wipers:

Colored & WhiteColored rags are great for heavy-duty cleaning of grease, oil, and general cleanup.  Though most colored wipers are fairly colorfast, white rags are available for those who wish to have a wiper that has no chance of color-bleed.

Reclaimed & New – Reclaimed rags are the most economical product for most jobs; they are super absorbent and there are many choices of wipers.  New rags are available for those who need a near lint-free option, these are made from textiles that have never been made into garments.

Click on the images below to view the slideshow of major rag types.