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Painter’s Spill Kits

Absorbs and Holds All Water-based and Oil-based Paints, Stains and Solvents

ICON-recycled-polypropylene-bugKit Absorbs up to 5 Gallons of Liquids. 

These portable quick response Painter’s Spill Kits for contractors fit conveniently behind seats in work vehicles and can be placed in multiple job-site areas. Polypropylene pads and socks absorb and hold all water-based and/or oil-based paints, stains and solvents.

Consumers will also appreciate the ease-of-use and peace-of-mind from having a Painter’s Spill Kit for accidental spills in and around the home.

Painter’s Spill Kit Contains:

  • Twelve 15″ x 18″ Heavy-Weight, Recycled, Laminated, Bonded, Polypropylene Pads
  • One 10 ft. Polypropylene Containment Sock
  • One Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • One Disposal Bag with Instructions

Kit Size: 14.5 x 19 x 5.5″ zippered,
vinyl carrying case, with handles.

CLICK HERE to view the Spill Kit Instructions.
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Universal, Gray, Zippered Storage Bag

 92002 Contains 12–15″ x 18″ medium-weight, bonded, polypropylene pads; 1–10′ polypropylene containment sock; 1 pair nitrile gloves; 1 disposal bag with closure; usage and disposal instructions. Kit absorbs up to 5 gallons of all liquids. 4