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Disposable Shoe and Boot Cover Selection

Protect Both Footwear and Flooring

New!BugV2Buffalo offers an all new, full range of disposable Shoe and Boot Covers for construction, paint, plumbing, marine, HVAC & MRO. Shoe and Boot Covers protect both footwear and flooring against dirt, varnish, resins, fiberglass, paints and most liquids, depending on the cover selected.

Materials range from lightweight economy covers, to heavy waterproof material and Dupont Tyvek®. Styles offered include low-profile Shoe Covers up to XL Boot Covers, which accommodate all shoes and boots up to size 18.

Please contact us for assistance in selecting the right Shoe and Boot Covers for your needs.

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Flooring & Shoe Protection
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Decking & Shoe Protection
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Work Shoe/Boot Protection
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Office Floor & Shoe Protection
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