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Display Units

A Variety of In-Store Display Options

Counter Display Boxes

Pre-packed counter display boxes for convenient merchandising. Fit well on base decks.

Counter Display Box Dimensions:
15.5″ wide x 10.5″ high x 15.5″ deep


Counter Display – Terry Towel Rolls

Pallet Displays

Open-front, interlocking pallet display boxes. Ideal for off-shelf, promotional sales. Offered in Half Pallets (6 boxes), Full Pallets (12 boxes) and Split Pallets (full or half). Contact us for the list of items offered in Pallet Displays.

Pallet Box Dimensions:
20″ wide x 17″ high x 23.75″ deep

FULL Pallet Dimensions:
42″ wide x 50″ high x 48″ deep

HALF Pallet Dimensions:
42″ wide x 50″ high x 24″ deep

White T-Shirts Full Pallet

Full Pallet – White T-Shirts

Half Pallet

Half Pallet – Colored T-Shirts

Split Half Pallet

Split Half Pallet – Shop Towels & Terry Towels